Our Vision

To meaningfully improve consumers’ lives at scale by building valuable enterprises that achieve top 10% venture returns.

Why Maven

Maven | \’mā-vən\ | (noun): a trusted expert, a mentor, one who seeks to pass on knowledge to others so that they may succeed.

A Trusted Advisor at the Earliest Stage

Maven Ventures invests in software startups that millions of consumers use everyday to make their lives better. We make $750K-$1M Seed investments in founders with a “vision worth fighting for” and the potential to build billion-dollar businesses. Our team identifies future consumer trends — we’ve already seen our investment predictions come to life in areas like self-driving cars, the proliferation of mobile, video communication, the future of retail, and digital health. Notable investments include: Zoom (IPO “ZM”), Cruise (acquired by GM), and Chariot (acquired by Ford).

As we only make 6 to 8 new startup investments each year, we focus on each one, rolling up our sleeves to teach founding teams how to achieve product/market fit, hone their consumer messaging, reach millions of customers with viral marketing, and set them up for success

Working with Maven

We Aspire to Be:

  • Experts
  • Helpful
  • Easy to work with
  • Honest
  • Encouraging

Maven Ventures focuses on helping consumer startups achieve massive scale, which we define as millions of happy customers who love the product and need to use it every day. If you want to build a lasting, billion-dollar consumer brand that will change the world in a positive way and delight millions of customers, then we would love to hear from you. Here’s what comes from partnering with Maven:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in Seed funding and consideration for follow-on investing.
  • Access to the Maven team: attend regular meetings with the Maven team for access to their expertise and support in the following areas:
    • Consumer growth techniques and customer acquisition
    • Marketing, messaging and PR
    • Product/market fit
    • Recruiting and hiring
    • CEO coaching
  • Exclusive mentor events: free, VIP access to the Hypergrowth Retreat and other events with the Maven mentor network.
  • Professional services: benefit from special Maven connections and introductions to leading tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Get access to Maven’s vetted list of service professionals to help with PR, messaging, recruiting, technology services, and more.
  • Fundraising advice: we advise and guide founders on all elements of fundraising. Instead of a demo day, we introduce you directly to relevant Maven limited partners and our network of trusted co-investors to close your Seed and subsequent rounds.
Kyle and Jim sittign on stage
Hypergrowth Retreat

Maven founded and hosts the Hypergrowth Retreat, bringing together portfolio companies, promising consumer startups, and the top minds in consumer growth for an immersive day of learning and networking. Retreat speakers know how to take a startup from growth to hypergrowth to billion dollar exit and share practical tips and tactics about consumer growth hacking, viral marketing, and network effects. Presenters at past retreats include growth experts from Google, Uber, Sequoia Capital, Facebook, Dropbox, and many more; see what they had to say on our blog. To be the first to hear about our next Hypergrowth Retreat, sign up for updates here.

How To Connect With Maven
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The best way to connect with us is through a mutual introduction or contacting us through hello@mavenventures.com, although each one of us is also accessible via LinkedIn and Twitter so feel free to reach out to us directly.

We blog, speak, and post on social media frequently about what we are looking for in the startups we fund. Follow us, get to know us, and we encourage you to research the companies in our portfolio as well as what we’ve shared publicly on our investment thesis in our blog.


“Jim has been great to work with from the launch of Zoom; he gets along with everyone and is there to help on anything we need. His contacts in the business and venture community have been invaluable. And, not only did he come up with the name Zoom (we were calling ourselves saasbee), but he also helped us create our marketing strategy and language, go to market launch and PR strategy, and has introduced us to key consultants and employees. Jim's been an integral part of our success to date that has culminated in an amazing introduction to and review of Zoom by Walt Mossberg at the WSJ. We truly couldn't have done this without Jim's help.”

Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO, Zoom

"Jim Scheinman at Maven has been one of our strongest supporters and most trusted and helpful advisors. He has been a great sounding board on strategy, product vision, and fundraising."

Kyle Vogt
Founder and CEO, Cruise

“Jim and Sara's support and strategic help helped us grow fast and smart, and they've continued to open doors for us ever since. We didn't expect that they would also challenge us to think about our company values and (aside from being successful) what we wanted our company to become; we're a stronger company as a result.”

Ed Olson
CEO and Co-founder, May Mobility

"We worked closely with the Maven Ventures team in their incubator from the initial idea and vision for Epic! through our Series A. Not only were they incredibly helpful in the early days as we launched the company, but their introductions to Series A investors and guidance through that process was invaluable in raising a successful round."

Suren Markosian
Founder and CEO, Epic!

"Probably the best decision we made in 2008 was bringing Jim on board. He mentored us through the fundraising process and has always been an invaluable, highly dependable resource for us to build our company. Jim has reached out to his network and helped us with a jump start that as a young startup we could have only dreamed about."

Vikas Gupta
Co-founder and CEO, SocialGold
Founder and CEO, Wonder Workshop

"Everything changed after we met Jim and Maven came on board. Jim helped us focus on our core strategy and articulate our unique vision -- a fun, positive place to share your real self -- and implement hyper-growth strategies. Since then, our growth has been explosive, reaching over 5M users in a year. Maven also went above and beyond to make critical intros to our most strategic investors in our $8.5M Series A round."

John Shahidi
Co-Founder and CEO, Shots

"Maven was our first investor and has provided essential support and advice along the way. The Maven team transformed our initial pitch with feedback and training, and we ultimately raised an oversubscribed Seed round from world-class investors."

Joe Du Bey
Co-Founder and CEO, Eden

"From the start, Jim was instrumental in helping us focus our strategy on becoming the leading mobile video call platform. His insights and expertise in consumer UI, viral marketing, & the smartphone market are invaluable, as are his incredible senior level contacts in both the industry and the venture capital community. He's also great to work with."

Uri Raz
CEO and Co-Founder, Tango

"Jim played an integral part in shaping Check and helping us grow into the mobile personal finance leader we are today. Jim brought consumer experience and helped us successfully raise financing at a high valuation. He has also done a terrific job of recruiting and hiring top talent to the team, including our new COO, the former GM of Yahoo Finance!"

Guy Goldstein
CEO and Founder, Check

"Jim and Sara were the investors we didn't know we needed. They supported us through a major pivot, helped get our A and B rounds done, and generally served as trusted advisors through the whole process as first time founders. I've really enjoyed working with them. Great perspective when you need it."

Alex Rodrigues
CEO and Co-Founder, Embark Trucks