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Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform.
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Cruise is building the leading highway autopilot technology. Acquired by General Motors.
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Chariot is a network of fast, reliable, and affordable commuter shuttles. Acquired by Ford Smart Mobility.
Epic! is the leading all-you-can-read eBook service with over 15,000 quality books for kids 12 and under.
Class software is built on the Zoom Meetings platform to make it feel like a real classroom. It helps teachers take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, or talk one-on-one with a student.
Pledge is the leading fundraising platform for today’s mission-driven companies, nonprofits and individuals.
Embark is building leading autonomous vehicle technology for the trucking industry.
Carrot provides access to fertility information and treatment options for modern women, men, and couples to plan their families.
May Mobility is developing fleets of autonomous vehicles for consumer transportation.
Hello Heart is a clinically based mobile solution for heart disease – the #1 cause of death in the world.
Frame is a mental health platform that makes it easier for people to explore therapy on their own terms and budget through free Digital Discussions and streamlined Therapy Matching service.
Luma is the homepage for creators where they showcase their work, set up their storefront, and connect with their audience.
Zippin’s frictionless, autonomous shopping technology aims to make shopping easier and better for consumers by removing the checkout experience in stores.
Gennev is empowering women in menopause to take control of their health with community, on-demand resources & access to care via telehealth.
Daybreak Health is a clinically validated online counseling platform that helps teens build emotional wellbeing.   Daybreak’s specialized counselors help teens build skills to live happier lives and involve parents every step of the journey.
Eden Workplace enables companies to register visitors, seamlessly track employee ticketing and helpdesk requests, book rooms, and manage the modern hybrid office.
Glimpse is a social app for back-to-back, one-on-one video chats in a digital room. Glimpse utilizes Zoom’s customizable SDK to help people engage each other and stay connected.

Wildtype is on a mission to create the cleanest, most sustainable seafood on the planet, starting with salmon.
Shots Studios is a data-driven entertainment company that creates comedy sketches and music for Millennials.
NUGGS is a tasty and healthy chicken nugget simulation made out of plant proteins aiming to end the unsustainable practices of factory farming.
Skip Scooters operates shared electric scooters for reliable last-mile transportation.
Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking. Users can enhance their Zoom video conferences experience with Docket’s end-to-end meeting framework.
Wealthfront is the world’s largest and fastest-growing automated investment service with over $2B+ in client assets.
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ChoboLabs is bringing competitive and collaborative gaming to mobile.
Gametime is a spontaneous fan’s best friend, offering last minute mobile tickets at unbeatable prices.
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WorkLife turns soul-crushing business meetings into highly productive and engaging meetings. Acquired by Cisco.
Wonder Workshop makes learning to code fun for children. Selected by Good Morning America and Melinda Gates as top toy of 2015.
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Storehouse’s virtual storytelling app is the easiest way to create and share beautiful stories; selected by Apple as a top app of 2014. Acquired by Square.
AngelList is the largest investment and job search platform connecting entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors.
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Waldo is a background messenger for Apple Watch. Acquired by Life360.
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Zana is a free platform to educate and empower entrepreneurs globally through access to mentors, resources, and a growing entrepreneurial community. Acquired by Startups.co.
Marble is creating the next wave of delivery technology, friendly robots specially designed to complete last-mile logistics tasks.

SafeXai instantly organizes the world’s social and digital signals by location, giving an unprecedented understanding of what’s happening anywhere, in real time.

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AltspaceVR is a social platform for VR on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and HTC Vive; selected as Best of CES 2015. Acquired by Microsoft.
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The largest social network in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Launched in 2005 and later sold to AOL in 2008. EXIT: $850M
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The search engine and internet portal for NBC. Grew to $6B public company and eventually sold to GE in 2001.
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Famously, the first social network site. Sold in 2009. EXIT: $50M
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Industry-leading virtual monetization platform. Acquired by Google in 2010. EXIT: $70M
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Used advanced algorithms to sort and organize your friends online. Acquired by Google in 2011. EXIT: undisclosed
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A mobile personal finance application to manage bills, bank accounts, and loans. Sold to Intuit. EXIT: $360M
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An all-in-one social networking app that gives you unique and meaningful ways to interact with your friends and family. Recent $225M investment from Alibaba for a valuation of over $1B.

“Jim has been great to work with from the launch of Zoom; he gets along with everyone and is there to help on anything we need. His contacts in the business and venture community have been invaluable. And, not only did he come up with the name Zoom (we were calling ourselves saasbee), but he also helped us create our marketing strategy and language, go to market launch and PR strategy, and has introduced us to key consultants and employees. Jim's been an integral part of our success to date that has culminated in an amazing introduction to and review of Zoom by Walt Mossberg at the WSJ. We truly couldn't have done this without Jim's help.”

Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO, Zoom

"Jim Scheinman at Maven has been one of our strongest supporters and most trusted and helpful advisors. He has been a great sounding board on strategy, product vision, and fundraising."

Kyle Vogt
Founder and CEO, Cruise

“Jim and Sara's support and strategic help helped us grow fast and smart, and they've continued to open doors for us ever since. We didn't expect that they would also challenge us to think about our company values and (aside from being successful) what we wanted our company to become; we're a stronger company as a result.”

Ed Olson
CEO and Co-founder, May Mobility

"We worked closely with the Maven Ventures team in their incubator from the initial idea and vision for Epic! through our Series A. Not only were they incredibly helpful in the early days as we launched the company, but their introductions to Series A investors and guidance through that process was invaluable in raising a successful round."

Suren Markosian
Founder and CEO, Epic!

"Probably the best decision we made in 2008 was bringing Jim on board. He mentored us through the fundraising process and has always been an invaluable, highly dependable resource for us to build our company. Jim has reached out to his network and helped us with a jump start that as a young startup we could have only dreamed about."

Vikas Gupta
Co-founder and CEO, SocialGold
Founder and CEO, Wonder Workshop

"Everything changed after we met Jim and Maven came on board. Jim helped us focus on our core strategy and articulate our unique vision -- a fun, positive place to share your real self -- and implement hyper-growth strategies. Since then, our growth has been explosive, reaching over 5M users in a year. Maven also went above and beyond to make critical intros to our most strategic investors in our $8.5M Series A round."

John Shahidi
Co-Founder and CEO, Shots

"Maven was our first investor and has provided essential support and advice along the way. The Maven team transformed our initial pitch with feedback and training, and we ultimately raised an oversubscribed Seed round from world-class investors."

Joe Du Bey
Co-Founder and CEO, Eden

"From the start, Jim was instrumental in helping us focus our strategy on becoming the leading mobile video call platform. His insights and expertise in consumer UI, viral marketing, & the smartphone market are invaluable, as are his incredible senior level contacts in both the industry and the venture capital community. He's also great to work with."

Uri Raz
CEO and Co-Founder, Tango

"Jim played an integral part in shaping Check and helping us grow into the mobile personal finance leader we are today. Jim brought consumer experience and helped us successfully raise financing at a high valuation. He has also done a terrific job of recruiting and hiring top talent to the team, including our new COO, the former GM of Yahoo Finance!"

Guy Goldstein
CEO and Founder, Check

"Jim and Sara were the investors we didn't know we needed. They supported us through a major pivot, helped get our A and B rounds done, and generally served as trusted advisors through the whole process as first time founders. I've really enjoyed working with them. Great perspective when you need it."

Alex Rodrigues
CEO and Co-Founder, Embark Trucks